Healthcare and Rehabilitation Needs of Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis


  • Benson Kinyanjui Collin College
  • Bradley McDaniels Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Michael Frain Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton
  • Malachy Bishop University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Chung-Yi Chiu University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Beatrice Lee University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Lebogang Tiro Pennsylvania State University



There is little research delineating the healthcare and rehabilitation needs of individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) that is based on the perspectives of those individuals themselves. The medical community is largely well-informed about disease progression, symptoms, and treatment of MS, but little is known regarding the barriers and unmet needs that individuals with MS experience in their interaction with healthcare and rehabilitation systems and providers, and in their efforts to maintain healthy, productive, and participatory lives. In this article, we provide a comprehensive summary of the most frequently identified healthcare and rehabilitation needs of individuals with MS based on a review of over 500 articles, from which 29 articles were selected for inclusion as they specifically addressed the needs or unmet healthcare and rehabilitation needs of people with MS. Based on our review, we identified 11 categories of needs, which we discuss in the context of three broad categories, including (a) emotional and psychological support, (b) healthcare and rehabilitation, and (c) transportation, home care, and financial needs.


Keywords: multiple sclerosis, health care, priorities, needs, expectations